Building a better Medicaid system across our country.

We are a multi-stakeholder group committed to building a better Medicaid system by improving access, quality, outcomes and affordability through Managed Care.


What We Believe


Medicaid Is A Critical Lifeline

Insuring 77 million Americans with lower incomes, including children, pregnant women, many adults, seniors and people with disabilities, Medicaid is a lifeline. The program helps people lead healthy and financially secure lives by increasing their access to health care services that improve their well-being and reducing the cost burden of medical expenses.


Medicaid Managed Care Is Key To Expanding Access

Medicaid Managed Care offers a flexible public-private partnership that enables states to sustainably meet the needs of Medicaid beneficiaries. Transitioning from fee-for-service and expanding existing Managed Care programs will enable states to provide improved care, drive better health outcomes and lower costs.


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